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The Seth Alexander Files 


So I’m a 16 year old queer author. I identify as non-binary and queer, and many of my characters are queer and defy the boundaries of binary genders. My first book, The Seth Alexander Files is a Young Adult take on the traditional Spy genre that not only deals with sexuality, but family tensions and the kind of nasty that the internet brings out in ex boyfriends. 

I really can assure you it’s way more than mediocre. If you want to read the prologue of it before you buy it, just go to the link on my sidebar titled My Book and it’ll lead you right to it!

I’m also going to do a giveaway, so three people will get a free copy that is also signed with a letter from me to frame and/or collect DNA from so you can make your own little Sara to keep in a jar and tell you that you’re cute on a daily basis. 

You have until the end of July to reblog!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to send me an ask!



John describes the FIRST ENDING he wrote for TFIOS

This is completely true, I’m afraid. When Julie read the first draft, she was like, “I can’t tell if the last 40 pages are a joke.”